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Tuesday, 04 August 2009 00:00

First and foremost I want and need to thank you. 

How I wish I could reach across the Internet and shake your hands for such thought provoking comments on a sensitive topic.  Some agreed some disagreed but everyone thought about the topic. That's all kinds of awesome, in my eyes. Some such as:  Mommy's Martini, Draft Queen, JayKaty and ShredderFeeder wrote posts in response (let me know if you did too and I will link).   More added 8-4-09:  Nap Warden, Brigette Russell, and Allyson.  Added 8-5-09  Loukia.

I am interested in the topic because I have traveled extensively around the world seeing health care, have friends sprinkled across the globe whom speak about health care, and have spent the majority of my childhood without health care.  We saw our family physician only when in dire straights and antibiotics were prescribed rarely ever.  My brother was the first one in our family born in the States and my parents routinely joke that his delivery was paid off before he started college. 

I.  Kinda of. Understand.  But, I still don't like the proposed health care bill. 

I agree we need change.  I agree people should not suffer.  I agree it's a luxury to be insured.  I agree that everyone should have insurance.  I agree it's not fair.  I now understand that "it's just a bill, only a bill, sitting on Capitol Hill" and President Obama is thinking BIG but in reality only some of what he says will pass.  What I don't like about what he is proposing is that he plans (correct me if I'm wrong - I've actually seen footage of Obama's words on this) on completely getting rid of private insurance in a decade, forcing everyone in America to have the same insurance, except of course the President and Congress.

What's wrong with that, OHmommy?

(First off, I'm not trying to impose my opinions onto you.  I'm just thinking out loud in my last political rant.)


Let me ask you a question.  Name three hospitals in the United States.  Easy, no?  John Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, etc. Now, name three hospitals outside of the United States.

Government managed health care will become a monopoly, no?  Monopolies extinguish competition, no?  Take for example the DMV,  you have no other options on where to go to get your driver's license but the always pleasant Department of Motor Vehicles.   You have to go there.  You need your license. Try and complain and they will laugh at you.  That is all we know and we are okay with it.  Just as other countries are "happy" with their own government run health care.  I for one, will not be sending my best friend's birthday present this week through the United States Postal Office but instead FedEx it because it's faster and easier for me and boy do I like having that choice. 

I will admit that I am spoiled. 

My family is able to afford paying for private insurance each month.  Both my husband and I come from families that struggled immensely and can appreciate our good fortune.  More so, I live minutes away from one of the most amazing hospitals in the world. Kudos Cleveland Clinic. I pick up the phone and am seen on the same day in an emergency, given a beeper in the waiting room, stroll through the state-of-the-art buildings while brushing shoulders with Medicare patients also being treated.  I have also been to the county hospital on one occasion, in their special burns unit, surrounded by everyone and anyone and it was like the Ritz compared to the Paris hospital I mentioned before. 

And that is why I still disagree with the health care bill.  It is the first step in creating one standardized government run health care system that by the time our children are parents will begin to resemble all the other government run establishments that we so look forward to visiting.  USPS, IRS, DMV, etc.  Slowly our choices begin to diminish and competition dies.  Is the government's plan really a step in the right direction?  I.  Don't.  Know.

And those are just the thoughts floating around in my head.  Today I am frightened for the future.

You might agree or disagree with the big thought bubble looming over my head, but one thing is true.  Our voices can be heard.  It's time to stop corporations and special interest groups dictating what our elected officials do.  Write your representatives. Call them.  Blog about it people!  Don't be afraid if someone will call you a self righteous soccer mom who got married too early and has no concept of real life.  #thankyoubytheway If you don't like something or have an idea.... Let your voice be heard.

I will hold your hand.


Program your elected representatives' phone numbers in your cell phone and call often. Get their phone numbers here: House.gov and Senate.gov.


This public service announcement brought to you by the self righteous soccer mom who got married too early and has no concept of real life.  Double HEH.

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