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Monday, 16 July 2012 00:00

Do you remember last year on this day I did something I haven't done since 1995?


Well. It seems to be a recurring theme here at Classy Chaos because this year, I did something I haven't done since 1992. That 1992 summer was epic. I landed a job as a lifeguard at the local pool. I had just turned fifteen. I remember receiving my first paycheck and thinking "I'm loaded! What should I do with all this cash?" and ran to the neighborhood bike shop. I purchased a bright yellow mountain bike with a million more gears then I really needed. I rode that bike to the pool every single day of the summer. It was so freeing not to rely on my parents for transportation. I felt incredibly independent and grown up that summer.


Fast forward twenty summers.


Today is my birthday and I got a bright green bike with an enormous basket to hold more things then I really need.


Found at Amelia's garage sale.


I pretty much rock at celebrating, no? It's out of control craziness every July 16th. I have a feeling that thirty-five is going to be very freeing. Onwards and upwards on the road ahead. I'm 35!

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# Elaine 2012-07-15 23:03
The bike rocks, just like you. Happy Birthday young lady!!
# Jayna @ Yankee Drawl 2012-07-15 23:25
The bike is awesome. I can see the basket loaded with fresh farmer's market finds and a bouquet of flowers as you cruise around your new neighborhood :-)

Happy birthday!
# Laurie 2012-07-16 04:11
I can't even remember 35, but you go enjoy it, girl!! :) LOVE your bike purchase. Too cute! :)
# ClassyFabSarah 2012-07-16 05:28
Happy Happy Birthday!
# Kelly 2012-07-16 05:56
Happy Birthday! That bike is awesome! I saw that and wanted it, but so happy it went to someone like you. You'll be crusin' around your new hood and everyone will stop to chat. Now all you need is a bell!
# Crystal @EatDrinkCle 2012-07-16 06:54
Happy birthday! Love the bike!!
# allison 2012-07-16 07:01
congrats! On my list of things to buy - a bike. Now...where to put it....
# Managed Chaos 2012-07-16 07:12
"Freeing" seems to be your new theme for sure. I can't imagine a better mantra for you in your 35th year. Happy birthday my friend...the bike totally suits you and your new lifestyle.
# kakaty 2012-07-16 07:35
Happy birthday! I hope this year is as freeing as you want it to be. Tell DrOHmommy we're gonna need a photo of you cruising your new neighborhood on that awesome green machine!
# lceel 2012-07-16 07:41
Happy Birthday, Pauline!!! And well done you, with purchasing that bike. The Electra Townie is a very nice bike - it will serve you well.
# Chrissy 2012-07-16 07:53
Great Bike. Happy Happy Birthday!
# Amy 2012-07-16 08:01
When I saw your bike the other day, I was green with envy over the basket. What a great ride! Enjoy your 35th year may, it be filled with wonderful adventures and your love of family. Hugs and love
# Krystyn 2012-07-16 08:02
Happy, happy birthday! I hope your new bike brings you great joy!
# PolPrairieMama 2012-07-16 08:49
Sto Lat! What a cute bike!
# Kristin C 2012-07-16 10:49
Happy birthday! Love the new bike!
# Renny 2012-07-16 13:30
You share a birthday with my brother! Happy birthday to you, love the bike AND its basket!
# Melanie 2012-07-16 14:28
Hope you have a fantastic birthday!! Sweet ride :)
# Chefs Widow 2012-07-16 16:03
I love that my bike stays in the family. You are going be the talk of CHItown riding it around. Happy Birthday!
# Casey 2012-07-16 19:00
Happy, happy birthday to you! May 35 be your best year yet!
# dysfunctional mom 2012-07-17 09:26
I love the bike! Happy 35th! =)
# Stephanie Precourt 2012-07-18 10:26
I love it! Happy birthday week to you! I'm 35, too. :)

# Kim from 3 peanuts 2012-07-22 13:26
Happy Belated Birthday!!! LOVE the bike!!!

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