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Thursday, 21 February 2013 23:43

It's no secret that I adore shoes. As much as I love strappy sandals and sexy heels during the warmer months - it's the winter that I anxiously look forward to debuting my collection of boots. And by collection I mean that I've been "investing" in boots as early as my first paycheck when I was just sixteen and kept adding to the collection when resources allowed. I still have those steel-toed Doc Martens purchased at a quirky boutique in Evanston during the "My So-Called Life" years.


I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit how many boots I own. I never buy, just to buy - each pair was a careful purchase in the last (OH.MY.GAWD!) twenty years since I bought my first pair of awesome boots with my hard earned cash. I have over-priced rainboots from Scotland, beloved Frye boots from Massachusetts, hearty Sorel's for navigating through the snow, Australian sheepskin boots to keep my toes warm, super swanky date-night knee-high boots from Needless Markup and also a pair of black everyday boots I recently just "splurged" on from Nordstrom's Rack.


I really wish I could return my latest "everyday black boot" purchase because they just weren't very comfortable to get me through an entire day at work. Sure, they were quasi cute but I wanted to rip them off in the middle of my commute home. I hate wasting money. Maybe it's because I remember growing up when we had so little and feel guilty making such senseless mistakes. I really, usually, always, take the time to research my purchases before investing in anything. I don't know why I didn't research the Crocs Cobbler High Boot before my last purchase (the "Cobbler High Boot" didn't even come up in my google search for cute everyday boots) - perhaps it was because I just assumed that the Crocs brand had the typical Crocs-liked shoe and not cute boots for work.


But look. So. Cute.



Everyday black boots that I no longer want to rip off on my commute home. They remind me of my Dansko clogs at the bottom (see here) and are simple enough in design that they are easy to wear with just about any winter outfit. I typically throw on some leggings, sweater, find a cute necklace and am out the door in minutes. The boots are very warm, super comfortable, and classy. They are suede so a little care needs to go into them, in my opinion. I wish I found them at the beginning of the winter season but good news for you... they are on sale and it looks like most of the reviewers agree with me. Best winter boot ever.


Disclosure: I'm a #CrocsStyle Insider.

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# Naomi 2013-02-22 06:07
And HELLO, they're on SALE!
# Managed Chaos 2013-02-22 11:39
Just ordered the black pair...and bonus, I got an additional 20% off the sale price when I signed up for their newsletter. $40 boots for the win!!!
# Loukia 2013-02-23 07:01
You're making me not so afraid of crocs, P!
# Heather @ De 2013-02-25 01:02
Oh my! I have been looking for a black pair of boots and I am so glad that blogging kept me up late so I could score such a good deal! Thanks girlie! Can't wait to test them out!

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