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Sunday, 10 March 2013 22:28

First and foremost, thank you dear friends for your comments/tweets/messages about Apolonia. We had another "Sunday Night Family Dinner" (what seems like the 50th in a row but our family still treats it like the first SNF dinner - love!) however Apolonia is not doing so good. It's possible that she suffered a stroke or learned Arabic over night. Either way we don't understand anything she says and my parents are going to heaven after what I witnessed this evening. The most important thing is that she sat in a wheel chair at the dinner table and everyone witnessed the love that goes into caring for family.


How do you transition from that, to a fabulously busy weekend with the kiddos?


I guess it's the theme of spending quality time together. As my children age, they are becoming much more fun to hang out with.  It's like mini-sized BFFs and I got three of them for life!



Last weekend we went to a new Polish restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Niles with ten friends (everyone tried something new - it was yummy) and attended the New Trier Winter Carnival where four floors of the massive high school were filled with carnival games put on by the senior class. All proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity. "There's no way we can have a better weekend, Mama!"




Enter "Just Dance 4" this weekend. We are quite possibly absolutely the last family on this planet to enter the gaming world but Jesus, Mary and Joseph this game knocked out our weekly board-game/movie night and kept the kiddos up well past their bedtime. Kudos to Lola who suggested it after a slumber party. We dusted off our old unused wii and danced. All. Night. Long.




On Saturday we went to a Celtic mass and had a church procession to the school gym where there was Guinness on tap to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. My BFF and her family joined us for the festivities. Needless to say, we were one of the last families to leave. The kiddos love a good par-tay!



Since we went to church on Saturday we "sprang forward" to the Shedd on Sunday morning. I posted a pic on Facebook of the kiddos in-front of the aquarium and three seconds later my baby brother texted me. "Can I join you guys?"


Um? Yeah!




Thrilled to show their uncle their favorite place in Chicago.



There's nothing better then spending quality time with those you love. Not even Apolonia, in her sad frame of mind, speaking Arabic, could disagree with that.


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# Cyndy Newsome 2013-03-11 02:00
I know this is a hard time for your family. Apolonia is so blessed to have you all!
And what a fun weekend you all had, I'd want to join you too!
# Amy 2013-03-11 06:40
Whatever comes your way, you always will find the lemonade from all the lemons that has been thrown your way. Your family is so lucky and loved by your parents, grandmother Appalonia and your sister and brother and friends. Truly a blessing to make up for the heartache of the past couple years. Embrace and love Appalonia. Sad that her age is catching up with her because she is an amazing lady. Many hugs my friend many hugs. Xo
# Krissy 2013-03-11 08:58
Prayers sent up for Apolonia (how do you pronounce that btw? In my head, I keep saying it apple-o-na, which I'm sure isn't right.). Family time is the best time. This move seems to be such a blessing to you all. :)
# Kasia 2013-03-11 09:39
Poor Mikey, you always forget him LOL! he is the best brother/uncle though right? What a sweetheart.
# Heather 2013-03-12 15:07
Big hugs to your family. Many prayers for Apolonia. Family is so important & my heart is so warned by the fact that you always share that with us. Miss you but happy to see you are settling so nicely in Chicago.
# Elaine A 2013-03-15 14:19
You already do this, but you should come read the review I did on a book called "Nurturing the Soul of Your Family". I think you would like it a lot, I did!

I just love that your children will remember Apolonia. My kids will hopefully remember thier 3 living Great Grandparents - what a gift!

And I'm still so glad you are closer to your family now.... :)

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