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Friday, 22 March 2013 00:00

Last week Lola celebrated her ninth birthday but the weeks leading up to it were stressful. She wanted the perfect party and every idea I presented her with, she shot down. "You live in one of the biggest cities in the world, surely you can find one birthday venue!" I reminded her each time she nodded her head "no" to an idea. One night, as I laid next to her during our bedtime snuggles, we talked. "I want something more grown-up. Something that a tween would do. What do tweens do?"


Hang out!


So we started discussing different ways girlfriends hang out and gave her party an official name. The GNO birthday party! We'd meet at a restaurant for dinner, shop together and see a movie. After sending out her invite, just one week before the big day, every single friend invited (all the girls in her class, swim team buddies & family friends) replied YES and were over the moon excited to go on their very first GNO. Lola's "tween" party was the main topic of conversation at school and I'm so happy that we only had a couple of days in between the invitation being sent out to the actual day; because, Oh.My.God the countdown to her GNO was brutal. Lola even blogged about it herself.


I researched menus and found that the California Pizza Kitchen had kids' meals for Happy Meal prices and desserts for an extra dollar. We had parents drop off their girls at the restaurant and I wrote down their cell phone numbers so that I could text them (FOUR HOURS LATER) when the movie part of the GNO was over.


The GNO birthday celebration started with dinner.




I had a million markers and a handful of nametags to decorate - to break the ice, since some of the girls have never met each other before. We played games to get to know each other better while waiting for our food. Lola blew out her candles, on her ninth birthday, surrounded by all her favorite girlfriends.



Well fed and ready, the GNO birthday party was eager to shop.



I called Lush beforehand and made sure they were ready for us. Instead of booking a party I asked if they could give us some demonstrations and mini-hand-massages at a scheduled time.  I assured them that I would be purchasing each girl a bath fizz as their goodie bag. Even though they didn't have enough of the $3.95 fizz in store, the manager left to find some in their warehouse so that every girl would have the same thing to take home.



Lush did an amazing job! The girls sampled a variety of products and were pampered.



The walk to the theatre was the highlight of my night because I witnessed girlfriends capturing the true spirit of a GNO. Huddled together in a rage of giggles over nothing but everything - they were in their element. The laughter was contagious.



Lola's most favorite moment was just "hanging out".



I have no idea how I'm going to top this party next year. Minimal planning, no cleaning, fun goodie bags, total price tag cheaper then a manufactured party at a bouncy house and a memory that will last forever. Their very first GNO.

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# Patricia Quackenbush 2013-03-23 08:18
You are the best mom ever! I wish we were friends, you and your family sound so fabulous.
# Marinka 2013-03-23 08:30
that is so, so fun!
# amy 2013-03-23 10:25
I think that it was amazing par-tay!! Can you come to CLE and do my big birthday in November? kidding. a little. I think Lola was also nervous because this was her first birthday in Chicago and she needed to make an impression on her girlfriends. What a great party!! I loved how you called the businesses first to make sure they could accommodate you. Good Thinking.
# Cynthia 2013-03-23 23:26
Love it! Just a perfect party! It reminds me of one we had for one of our daughters in the 1980s when our great kindergarten teacher, who also taught modeling and manners classes after school, volunteered to come over in the morning after a sleepover and "do the girls' colors." Each girl found out if she looked better in summer, fall, winter or spring colors and also was given suggestions on what styles flattered her the most. This was a complete hit with everyone. So glad to be able to follow all the happy memories you're making too!

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