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Sunday, 11 August 2013 00:06

My kids were so naughty today. Our second cousin had a seven-hour layover in Chicago on her way to adopt a special needs child in Europe and my kiddos acted like spoiled brats throughout the day while we entertained her at our home. It was like an open invitation to see how much they could piss me off before I pulled my hair out infront of a family member whom was off to rescue an orphan.


"I hope that when you have kids, they will be just like you!"


The great thing about having "older" children is that they can actually understand semi-complex conversations and process them. "I'm embarrassed." I told them. "I'm embarrassed at how you acted." The ride home was quasi silent and a couple of "I hope that when you have kids, they will be just like you!" were thrown out there because I was just so angry.


When we arrived at home, they all ran up to their rooms.


They worked as a team to formulate a comeback. Jay didn't have rocks to heat for a rock massage so he took his beloved silver dollar coins and heated them in the microwave to give me a "rock massage", Lola gave me the best head scalp massage with her dollar store lotion while Feenie took good care of my feet. They worked together. They all worked together as a team without me, for me. I was blown away.



Kiddos: "Mom? We are so sorry that we embarrassed you today."


Me: "I hope that when you have kids, they will be just like you!"


Just like you.


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# GretchenW 2013-08-11 09:28
wait, what? How do I get kids like that.

Whenever my kids embarrass me with their behavior, they just get louder.

Whenever I tell them how disappointed I am, they just blame each other.

It is NEVER quiet at my house. Definitely not for hours. Well, not when they are awake anyway.

please come to my home and do your mama ju-ju on my kids. they need you. :)
# amy 2013-08-11 10:14
I also have been embarrassed by my girls behavior and it is usually by the way they treat each other. The fighting name calling and hitting has taken me over the edge more than a few times and have told them that they embarrassed me. That people judge me as a mother by their actions. I get a sorry but I wish I got a spa moment like you did.
# renatamic 2013-08-12 12:09
ummm...your kids TOTALLY embarrass me too (what time is my spa appt?) LOL
# Marta 2013-08-13 11:35
How do I teach my children that to be able to get into my good graces again they need to give me beauty treatments? Because that sounds downright fabulous.

I'm rarely embarrassed by them, but more so wish that they were more talkative/less shy. Because they are so talkative and so full of personality at home!

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