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Sunday, 29 March 2009 19:00

Wikipeida states: The Sullivan nod is a sales technique used to create a subconscious suggestion to a customer to purchase one particular item out of a list of like items. A Sullivan nod is executed by nodding slightly, by approximately 10–15 degrees, when the item it is hoped the customer will choose is reached. The key is to make the nod perceptible, yet subtle, so as to not distract. Originator, restaurant consultant, Jim Sullivan, claims that up to 60% of the time, a Sullivan nod will result in the customer choosing the 'recommended' item. Sullivan developed the nod technique as a method to increase appetizer sales.


"Want some more. Yes? Mama." Fifi tilts her head and gracefully nods. "Yes?" It took me years to perfect my own Sullivan Nod when I was a cocktail waitress at a swanky downtown hotel in college. "Can I offer you an after dinner port?" I asked the business men, ever so slightly nodding my head yes. "The 20 year old Tawny is semi-dry but so sweet." I nodded again.


"I wanna go park. Yes, Mama?" Fifi although feet shorter then me, stares me straight in the eyes and nods her head. "Wanna go. Wanna go wee-hee da park. Yes, Mama?" She nods. "Yes, Mama? Yes?" Lately, her little nods have progressed to a entirely new level of Sullivan Nods. So new that they have yet to be named and should rightfully be named seeing they are much more effective then the Sullivan Nod. I introduce to you the new strand of Sullivan Nods.


The Fifi Nod.


It is so effective I have a hard time saying NO. The Fifi Nod relies very heavily on body language. No words are spoken. Instead you position yourself directly across from the desired object (candy, purses, sister's galoshes, nail polish), bat your eyes a dozen times, shoot a look of seriousness out of the corner of your eyes, and gracefully nod your head up and down. Remember to look cute by mischievously smiling. 1. Position yourself. 2. Bat your eye lashes. 3. Look serious. 4. Nod your head. 5. Smile. Rinse, lather, and repeat until the desired item is in your hands.


Note: The Fifi Nod is much more effective if you desire "practical" objects. Completely un-obtainable items (like a closed container of crickets) require some sort of reasonable parenting. Warning: The Fifi Nod can cause hearts to flutter due to the excessive amount of cuteness involved resulting in the direct impact of parenting the third child incredibly different from the first born. Disclaimer: OHmommy does not guarantee the accuracy of the Fifi Nod nor does she compensate any damage happening from the above advice on how to continue teaching a child to misbehave, at any time and any part of the world.


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