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Wednesday, 22 April 2009 19:00
I rolled my eyes after hearing it for the twenty-fifth time in twelve hours.

"I have just one more thing, I would like suggest to you." My mother nonchalantly whispered across the table at breakfast in her broken English.

I have told my mother to hush before. The best thing about living six hours away from her is that I am able to escape her everyday "suggestions" on parenting. But, alas, she had a tooth ache this weekend and drove hours to see her most favorite dentist. MY husband. Under my roof.

".... just one more thing. Your pancakes are little raw."

Nothing like your mother to visit and tell you that you screwed up adding too much water to the super simple Hungry Jack pancake mix and ewwww she would not feed my pancakes to her grandchildren.

"... just one more thing. Her blanket is rough and her mattress so little bit stiff." My mother said in regards to Fifi's toddler mattress and standard cotton comforter.

"... have you started think about dinner?"

".... just one more thing. Do you enjoy floors so being dirty?"

".... just one more thing. Don't you think they should wear the socks? Runny noses happen when children are running on the bare foot."

"... the kids. They don't listen to me. I tell them. But. They don't listen."

"... what are you going feed them for breakfast? The pancakes are raw a little too much."

".... just one thing. You should take care of yourself."

I rolled my eyes, just like I did when I was a disobedient sixteen year old. My mother, in return, bent forward and made sure that our glances crossed paths. She was staring at me, I at her, the contest would have to be broken soon and who would be the first stubborn woman to extinguish the fire?

"... just one more thing. You are much better mom then I was but. But...."

"But, what Mom. Geez!" I cried in despair. "I am doing the best that I can."

"... just one more thing.... they should be wearing the undershirts and don't you think you should be doing the laundry before your husband gets home and ...."


".... just one more thing. I promise."

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