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Written by OHmommy   
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 19:00

Dearest Lola,


Today is your fifth birthday. And just like last year, you start each morning by gently tiptoeing across the hall and into my room. However this year, before you plant a kiss on my cheek you lovingly stroke my forehead to wake me up and whisper "one, two, three, four" and giggle out loud at the wrinkles hidden underneath my bangs, proclaiming "Four! That is why it's called a FOUR HEAD."


Silly. Confident. Stubborn. Dramatic. Artistic. Life of the party. Talkative. You are everything I was not, at your age. People flock towards you.


There are days that I loose myself in your eyes and wonder how you became the person you are today. Are you really my daughter? How is it possible for you to be the complete opposite of me? Blond, bubbly, boisterous, and beautiful. I am so grateful for who you are. I am envious of your passion for life, your confidence, your ambitions. I want to bottle up your soul forever. You have taught me so many great things and opened up my eyes to a new world. "You can dance with Daddy!!!" You squealed yesterday when I asked myself out loud what I was going to do with my time while my three kiddos were in school next fall. Thank you dearest Lola, Daddy and I will dance that day. You make my heart sing out loud when I look in the rear view mirror of my minivan. I see you break out in song as your limbs start dancing and I smile at your honesty. You are always happy and pure and I want to bottle your soul up for the next day. And. The next.


I am SO proud to be your mother. Happy birthday sweet sweet sweetest Lola.


Forever and ever yours, Mama


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