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Written by OHmommy   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 19:00

This just in.... I need to share my joy with you.


I freaking LOVE nice shoes. I like nice shoes for my children too. I will be the first to admit that I spend a lot of money on European leather shoes for all of my children. I don't even shop at Stride Rite anymore. Call me a snob. I am a shoe snob.


I don't care if you can't relate with me.  I read some awesome blogs from wonderful people that I can't relate too at all but I'm fascinated. That's the beauty of the internet. Click and go and make connections or not. So. Back to my point. My name is OHmommy and I am a shoe snob. Ok, now let's talk about good shoes. Ahem. My most favorite pair of everyday shoe is the Tory Burch Reva flat. Retail value and never on sale they cost two hundred dollars. Yes. For a pair of ballet flats. I know that not everyone can relate with spending THAT much money on a pair of shoes. That I wear 300 days of the year. That I love. That I think are well worth it. However, I found another pair of flats that are as comfy, if not more, these:

These bad boys were originally $120.00 and now on sale for: $59.99 Like any respectable shoe ho, I wore them for a total of six hours indoor, before determining if they were wearable (Note: You must always wear shoes for a couple of hours indoors before determining whether or not they should be returned. That is what my Saks saleslady told me). At first the leather was tough and I wasn't comfy at all, but after four hours the leather finally gave in and WOW the leather soles were amazing. Comfy. Awesome. So comfy!!! OMG. They are comfortable. And. I was in love. Seriously. THE most comfiest ballet flats I have ever owned. I kid you not. I do not want to take them off . I have worn them as slippers inside for well over 12 hours. I love. I recommend. I heart very much.


I am wearing them to bed tonight. The true sign of a shoe ho in love.



# Jaime 2010-04-23 20:51
Ho fo sho. I was all pumped about the reference, but I have this upper spending limit on shoes that is around $25, if they're fabulous. No, the YOU shoes are definitely YOU and not ME. I am shoe trash.
# tory burch flats 2010-11-11 02:19
Well, you mention here things that really made me think.

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