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Tuesday, 27 January 2009 19:00

To the loving mother that did an amazing job raising an incredible man... You did it once. Twice. And you can beat it again for a third time.


Jay sends to you, lots of "hearts and love and I-love-yous and more hearts."

Lola sends to you, lots of "glitter and sparkles and more and more sparkly glitter."
And Fifi sends to you, everything else that is missing, at once. She, the third, completes the picture.
And I send to you, every inch of our stubbornness that must run in our family to give you the strength and the courage you need to fight breast cancer for the last time.
Forever grateful for what you created.





# Jaime 2011-11-17 10:11
Don't know how I never read this. I know just how this feels. What beautiful gifts we can be to one another.

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