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Written by OHmommy   
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 19:00
(A very awesome giveaway. Boots by YOU)

squats. squat jumps. lunges. lunge jumps. reverse lunges. lunges with bicep curls. chin ups. push ups. one arm push ups. push ups with row. romanian dead lift. dead lift. push press. bench press. over head pres
s. burpees. tricep dips.

Rinse, lather, repeat. For one hour, three times a week.

harder. faster. don't you think you could lift more? more. come on. pull. push. this is your last one, work it. one more time. ass to the grass. lower. quicker. is that all you are going to lift?make this one count. faster. pull. push.

Rinse, lather, repeat. For one hour, three times a week.

It has been 12 weeks. Nearly 40 breathless, gasping for air, muscles twitching, horribly exhausting, gut wrenching, early morning, fitness boot camp workouts.

Looking GOOD hurts. BAD.

Ahem. Rocking my new skinny jeans.

Honestly though. It has been a while since I invested in myself, my mental well being, and my physical health. It feels good.

I encourage you to invest in yourself too. It is so easy to lose track of yourself, especially as a mother constantly putting yourself before your children. But, if Mama ain't happy no one is happy. Right?

Let's start now.

You like shoes, yes?

Eeeek, me too!!!!

I have the most awesomest of awesome boots for you.

They are the $220 "Sexy snowbunny" boots from YOU by crocs. Seriously girlfriends, they are super duper sexy and trust me they will make you smile this winter season.

They are YOURS. Not mine, sigh. I'm pointing to YOU.

1. Leave me one comment before midnight EST this Sunday the 23rd, telling me what YOU do to invest in yourself.

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