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Thursday, 23 October 2008 19:00
"My heart is smiling."

"I know. Mine too, Lola." I admitted to my daughter as we placed the last batch of sugar cookies in the oven.

"I just can't wait." She threw her hands up, the chubby fingers stained from food coloring dye.

I watched as she slithered out of her tied apron and happily strutted away turning the radio volume back up again. The counters needed to be scrubbed and cleaned from the afternoon of baking cupcakes, brownies, and sugar cookies. The 80's white tiled floor was begging to be washed for it was freckled with brown sugar and a rainbow of sprinkles. And. And the broken glass from the measuring cup that flew off the counter top as Lola aggressively mixed the batter.

"How many more days?"

"Just a few, Gorgeous. Just a few." I replied as I carefully swept the glass off the floor.

Jay is equally as excited and has been counting down the days since his kindergarten teacher announced it was October. "October?!? October is the month of our huge party." Over the weekend he took the liberty of drawing a hundred ghosts for "decoration" and placed the plastic rats in well sought out places. He pointed to where the over sized spiders should hang. "Bug! Bug! Ewwwww.... BUG!" Fifi screams every time we cascade down the stairs into our foyer. Lola counted the bats hanging from each one of our chandeliers twice and begged me to drape the lights with more fake spider webs. "More is better!"

Our first Halloween party took place when we moved out of our starter home, a quaint 1,000 foot bungalow on the city's edge, and into a typical suburban colonial with attached garage and place for a minivan. When my husband carried me in through the threshold (okay he didn't actually carry me through, it just sounds nice in the movie edition I have playing in my head) I decided that it would become the "Kool-Aid" house.

The house that is always filled with children's laughter.

I love love love love love LOVE love loooooooove love hosting a party for no reason than just to get together.

We have thrown this party since Jay was an infant and our Halloween party has become our thing. So much our thing that nearly every single person on the guest list can attend. Oh vey. I do love you all. So much our thing that our guests, who do not all overlap in social circles, are now on first name bases with one another after seeing each other year after year. "Oh, you mean Maggie the women you taught with?" Sadly, we can not invite everyone we have crossed paths with and as the numbers stand tonight I will be hosting TWENTY THREE families. FORTY SIX adults with their children and I am pretty sure that no one has just one child. Oh vey. It has become so much our thing that we budget for it and sell things on ebay like crazy, months before. Ha. Welcome to our house party paid for by crazy ebay bidders willing to spend $65.00 for a gently used infant bumble bee costume.

The Kool-Aid house will be filled with 100 of our closest friends and neighbors this Saturday.

"We need to make a list, Mama!" Jay sat across from me at Bob Evans during breakfast with a crayon in his hand. "We need to make a list of all the songs and contests the DJ will play."

I feverishly scribbled down the chicken dance, the macarena, the electric slide, a bubble gum blowing contest, limbo, freeze dance, and simon says. Did you get that all down Music by Morris? Since that Sunday morning breakfast Jay and Lola have been practicing their dancing skills every stinking day.

There are so many great things about hosting a huge party. Filling our home with laughter. Connecting with friends. Bottles of Syrah. Modeling to our children that a home is lived in and loved. Showing our children that being friendly produces friends. Laughing the night away. Dancing in stilettos. Filling our home with the laughter of our friends.

And. Most importantly. Looking forward to something great. I can not even begin to describe the feeling of excitement in our house right now as we prepare to fill our home with laughter. It is contagious.

We have really become that Kool-Aid house that I dreamt about.

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