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Monday, 05 May 2008 19:00
On the wall of Lola's preschool class hangs a sign that reads...

"What does your mommy do, while you are at school?"

Each child answered, in preparation for the upcoming Mother's Day Tea. Naturally, Lola replied that I shop while she was in school.
I do.
I grocery shop on Tuesdays, on Wednesdays I hit Target for the essentials, and on Thursdays I pick up whatever I have forgotten. I shop with only one child in tow. There is a method to my madness.

This last Thursday, I worked out.
Therefore, by Sunday we ran out of TP and had to make an emergency run with three children and one husband to Target. Very aware of what could happen with so many people attending a Target run, I allowed Jay and Lola to bring one dollar, out of their piggy banks, to visit the "One Dollar Section" upon the completion of our shopping trip.

Like an old married couple, they held onto their dollars the entire time while discussing what they could purchase. They stayed by our immediate sides and contemplated. Our Target run was sane enough and by the time we reached the check out counter the kids were giddy to make their own purchases.

"Mama should I get the bath bubbles?" Lola asked.
"Mama.... how about the stickers?" Jay decided and held onto his loot.
- insert Fifi screaming of boredom here -
"No, no bath bubbles. How about these hair bows? Lola contemplated some more.
- insert Fifi screaming of boredom here-
"No. No. No Bubbles. No Bows. I want a necklace!" Lola finally decided.
- insert Fifi screaming of boredom here -
- insert bored HUSBAND screaming here -

- Insert the mommy here - I.... I smelled the pizza cooking, the pretzels baking, and the Cinnamon rolls being iced and in my no-carb-zombie-state-of-three-days I nodded in agreement to whatever they decided on within the dollar section. "Yes. Yes. A necklace is perfect, Lola! Those stickers are awesome Jay. Yes. Yes!!! " I smell pizza. Damm carbs!

We checked out and Jay held onto his stickers while Lola threw her necklace on.

As my husband buckled Lola into her car seat he read the inscription on her necklace: "Bachelorette on the Loose."


Yes. Lola purchased a shot glass, on a necklace, from family friendly Target. She has never seen a shot glass before and thought the tiny cup on a necklace was... cute.

We took it to the community park on Monday afternoon, since I did not allow her to take it to Ballet class in the morning. Every time a mother shot me a mean glance across the park, I smiled and convinced them "we are trying to go green... those water bottles are hazardous to our environment. These shot glass are green and reusable when filled up at the bubbler."

We are so way ahead of our time. Go Green! It is the new black.
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