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Sunday, 17 February 2008 19:00
Moving from one of the greatest cities in the world to a smaller city has been hard on me. My husband knows very well of my love affair with Chicago. I love the theatres, the restaurants, the energetic night life, the posh people, the opera, I love the culture. The cosmopolitan culture. I will always be a city girl. I have cried knowing that my children will not.

I could remain bitter about living in Ohio. Or. I could learn how to live in Ohio.

I try to do the best with what he have here in Ohio. I want my children to experience as much city culture as possible. I want them to embrace the amazing fine arts, I want them to experience scrumptious Ritz-Carlton brunches, I want them to learn about exotic music, I want them to feel comfortable at a swanky coffee house. I want to cultivate them to find comfort in the city and enjoy life.

Just about every week, I take all three kiddos into the city, on my own. We have museums, gardens, tea houses, ethnic grocery stores, concerts, and the performing arts.

This weekend, we searched our closets for our theatre bests and met some friends for a play downtown. It was wondeful. When the play was over the theatre quickly emptied and parents feverishly ushered their children back into their minivans for the suburbs. No one with kids actually lives in our Ohio downtown.

I ushered my three children to a coffee house for a muffin snack. We created stories about each customer and watched the city in action. "What do you think that Dog's name is? Look at that pretty lady, do you think she has any kiddos, how many? What do you think that couple will have for dinner" My fieldtrips to the city are paying off for we laughed, we sipped, we watched, we relaxed, and talked for some time together at our table for four. They were perfect at the theatre, perfect at the coffee house, and perfect walking the streets. It was a perfect day for a city girl in heart.

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